Take your SMART RUN experience to the next level. We’re introducing an exciting new partnership with MixRadio, the creators of the world’s simplest personalized music streaming service. Find the perfect music mix to keep focused and motivated throughout even the toughest of workouts. Coming through the latest SMART RUN update, you’ll reap the benefits of this integration and access more than 30 million songs at the touch of a button.
No matter where you are, you will now be able to access a selection of playlists we’ve designed to motivate, inspire and push you towards achieving your goals. Do you have a 10k, half marathon or even marathon on the horizon? Doesn’t matter whether you’re just running for fun or you’re training for the Boston Marathon – we have a playlist just for you.
The new miCoach X_CELL will help you make the rise from good to great. It measures your explosiveness when making those short sharp cuts, those huge hanging jumps and your overall 'Hustle score' during a game. Out-jump your opponent. Burst through the gain line. Go all in. Every time.
With the SPEED_CELL, you can track your performance on the field of play like never before. Capture your top speed, distance, intensity and number of sprints so you can study your game, train smarter and improve. You used to think you were fast. Now you know for certain.
Sync your stats with the multi-sport app and watch it get to work. It analyses your game and tells you where you need to improve.
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